What we do ?


We do Fetal Medicine Research


The Fetal Therapy specialists from different parts of the world,  have formed an association (consortium) to conduct collaborative research studies in the field of prenatal diagnosis and therapy. 

Fetal therapy can improve the survival rates for babies suffering fatal disorders and can prevent or reduce the likelihood of unfavorable outcomes, enhancing a baby’s overall quality of life. Fetal therapy can also significantly reduce the surgical risks to mothers and babies and the total costs of providing care to babies born prematurely or with serious disorders and birth defects.



 The USFetus Consortium carries out clinical trials and studies in the field of Fetal Therapy.

The physicians involved in the partnership have extensive experience in fetal therapy  and are leaders in the development of new technologies and protocols for the management  and treatment of a full spectrum of fetal anomalies.

 Fetal therapy is an emerging field of Maternal Fetal Medicine.  Research is a vital component in advancing technology and in improving procedures and treatment.

 By forming this consortium, the USFetus team will have access to a greater amount of data and will be able to work together to find the answers to pressing clinical questions, expediting findings that will help improve outcomes for the thousands of fetuses affected each year by these conditions.




Under the leadership of world-renowned Fetal Specialists, the USFetus Consortium offers new research and technologies that use minimally invasive techniques to successfully treat life-threatening conditions while a fetus remains in the womb.


Fetal therapy is a highly specialized field that involves therapeutic intervention such as a procedure or surgery to correct or treat a fetal anomaly or condition.


With research, new methods and treatments can be discovered to offer treatment to these fetal conditions.